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'Rethink Afghanistan' documentary available for viewing online for FREE

Dear Fellowship,

If you missed last week's TPF screening of 'Rethink Afghanistan' --the film's premiere in Tulsa-- you can still become informed about the controversy regarding Obama's escalation of hostilities in that country by watching the documentary online.

The documentary 'Rethink Afghanistan' (Brave New Films) is available in its entirety for FREE online (on-demand streaming video, in six parts) on their webpage:


or on their YouTube channel. We also recommend the DVD for purchase, to help support Brave New Films.

We had a good discussion for about an hour after the screening last Thursday evening at Hardesty Regional Library, part of Tulsa public libraries, making a few new potential allies in our local efforts at peace-building.

The discussion afterwards focused on two or three things:
1) what more can be done both locally and nationally by the peace movement to create a mainstream swell of protest against the continued occupation in Afghanistan;
2) what can be done to dissuade young people from joining the U.S. military, only to be sent off to an illegal/unjust war of aggression (war of choice), and/or an unconscionable U.S. occupation of foreign land;
3) matters that the film did not address, including the war crime / crime against humanity being committed by the U.S. in Iraq/Afgahnistan, specifically, the unaddressed matter of the use of D.U. munitions, also known as depleted uranium munitions, or Uranium Weapons (U.W.), causing radiation-induced rapid-growth cancers

In addition to the screening by the Tulsa Peace Fellowship at the public library, there was also a preview screening two days' prior, arranged on short notice, where Part 6 "Civilian Casualties" was screened. The preview was at the University of Tulsa, hosted by a member of Historians Against the War (HAW), as part of a teach-in. See details in a previous blog post. As a result of the preview screening, a student at T.U. is planning a full screening of the film in the new year, on campus. Details yet to be announced.

Look for an upcoming screening of the documentary in its entirety on the T.U. campus, to be hosted by Students for Liberty, sometime in January 2010.

Queremos Paz.

~The TPF Steering Cttee

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