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Protest Against Israel's Illegal Collective Punishment of Gaza! Anti-war Demonstration in Tulsa, 25th July 2014

This notice is cross-posted here on behalf of the event organizer, Abdurrahman Kabani. (Kabani is not affiliated with TPF in any way.)  Although this event is not sponsored by TPF, the TPF executive endorses this event, its nonviolent and legal nature, and encourages you to attend, and thereby exercise your free speech rights.

The protest is being organized via facebook. See the full announcement here: https://www.facebook.com/events/282358445298741/283181488549770/?no...;

Time and Place:

Tomorrow, Friday 25th July 2014 from 4:00pm to 6:00pm

At the corner of 71st St & Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

Weather forecast for tomorrow · 96°F / 76°F Clear

We will be peacefully demonstrating on the northwest corner of 71st St and Memorial Dr in Tulsa, OK against Israel's violent collective punishment and brutal killing of Palestinian civilians living in Gaza and the West Bank.


Please join us and share this event to help spread the word, thank you!!

Since June 12th, Israel has engaged in a brutal campaign of collective punishment against the Palestinian people, bombing and invading Gaza and raiding West Bank towns and villages

Abdurrahman, the event organizer, writes:

"Hello everyone and peace be upon you all! Please read the following guidelines pertaining to our protest on Friday. As per the City of Tulsa Special Events Coordinator and the Tulsa Police Department, we will be allowed to demonstrate on the sidewalks and grassy areas along the northwest corner of 71st and Memorial. We will be displaying poster signs and banners, chanting, and giving short speeches using a megaphone.
If you would like to give a short speech, please contact me via Facebook message. If you would like to speak to the news media, please contact me.

-Chant along with the crowd
-Make & display signs with peace slogans, "Honk for Gaza", etc.
-Stay within the sidewalk and grassy areas
-Wear a keffiyeh or Palestinian cultural clothing if you have them
-Bring & display Palestinian flags

-Don't walk onto the street or on private parking lots of businesses
-Don't drive around the area and honk at the crowd senselessly
-Don't display pictures of injured or deceased human beings
-Don't engage anyone who tries to provoke you or the crowd

If you are unsure if your poster/banner idea is acceptable, please send it to me as a Facebook message for approval. If we deem a poster or banner inappropriate, we will pull it from the demonstration. Please help us maintain these guidelines so that we can stay in accordance with the regulations set forth by the City of Tulsa and so that we can remain on good terms with the Tulsa Police Department, avoiding any and all possibilities of citations."

The organizer's facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AbdurrahmanKabani

"Save Gaza" "Israel, Let Gaza Live!" "End the 7-Year-Long Blockade of Gaza!"

See photo gallery of previous event, in 2010, in Oklahoma City:


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