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Fundraiser for the Church of the Restoration Unitarian Universalist (CoRUU), TPF HQ

Dear TPF,

The Church of the Restoration Unitarian Universalist (CoRUU) is in need of a new roof and we'd love to see the Tulsa Peace Fellowship contribute as much as we can collectively.

Please pitch in and donate something to this multi-faith multi-purpose unique institution in Tulsa. Not to mention it has been TPF's home for years.

The Church is located on Greenwood Ave at the corner of Oklahoma Street, across from Carver Middle School

A special thank you to Bill Zischang, Tai Chi instructor at CoRUU, for starting this campaign on behalf of the church. As Bill puts it: "The Church of The Restoration is a Unitarian Universalist faith community located at 1314 N. Greenwood Ave. Tulsa, OK. For many, many years they have offered services, space, and hope to the underserved populations of Tulsa. Many different groups use the facilities for meetings and workshops. Groups from all over the community, and the community itself benefit greatly from the presence of this Church."

To donate online and join the campaign, go to: http://www.gofundme.com/ChurchofR

Or contact the church by mail: 1314 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa OK 74106 (918) 587-1314

In lieu of donations to TPF, please make a donation to CoRUU and mark in the memo "on behalf of TPF" on your cheque. The church has been very good to us and provides us with office space, a place for meetings, and full access to the sanctuary for our events, including folk music concerts..

You can also "like" CofRUU on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COTRUUTULSA

Map of their location:

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