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"Ground the Drones III" Peace vigil in Tulsa, today starting at 12 noon

Please join us this weekend, on Saturday, early afternoon:

Saturday, August 4th, "Ground the Drones III" Peace vigil in Tulsa…


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TPF co-sponsors antiwar billboard campaign

July 9, 2012

AANW announces billboard campaign…


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Ground the Drones II - antiwar demonstration in Tulsa, this Sat 12noon - 2pm, corner 41st & Yale

The President of the Tulsa Peace Fellowship, Mark Manley, invites you to join us this Saturday for a peace vigil dedicated to the theme of ending Obama's drone warfare.

"Our country continues to execute people in far away lands without charges or trial. We need to spread the word that this is unacceptable."…


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Anti-Death Penalty Activists Found GUILTY


Anti-Death Penalty Activists Found Guilty for Protest, Four to Collectively Serve 75 days in DC Jail

WASHINGTON, DC – June 27th, 13 death penalty abolition activists went on trial in DC Superior Court to face a charge stemming from a January 17 arrest this year at the U.S. Supreme Court. On that date, 14 protestors unfurled a 30 foot banner, which read “STOP EXECUTIONS!” on the steps of the Court. Such displays of banners are prohibited under U.S. law. At…


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Trial begins for Anti-Death Penalty Activists June 27th!

Trial begins for me and Kevin along with 11 more Anti Death Penalty Activists June 27th-28th Washington, DC Superior Court


On June 27, the trial begins for the 13 anti-death penalty protestors who unfurled a "STOP EXECUTIONS" banner on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court on January 17, 2012 - the 35th anniversary of the first modern-era execution in 1977.…


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Eleven Arrested at the Pentagon Good Friday Witness 2012

Report on Holy Week Faith and Resistance Retreat-- by Art Laffin

Focusing on the theme: "Put Away the Sword--Follow Jesus in Nonviolent Revolution," about 50 people from the Atlantic Life Community,  the New Jerusalem Community in Philadelphia, Loras College in Iowa and other peacemakers gathered in Washington, D.C. from April 4-6…


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The TPF, Woody Guthrie, End the Iran War, Protest

This Sat, Apr 7th, 12 noon to 2pm, corner 41st & Yale, in Tulsa

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TPF exec endorses petition to investigate awarding of Nobel Peace prize to Obama

This petition, being circulated by David Swanson, is online here: http://warisacrime.org/nobel

At our recent meeting, held on Thursday March 8th 2012, the TPF executive endorsed the petition movement.


In 2009 when US President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama had just been placed in a position of great power promising to expand the world's largest military, to…


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Meeting and Movie Night

    In two days we will be having our monthly meeting combined with a movie night. The feature movie is "Bringing Down a Dictator". It's the story of the activists that brought down the Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic and their tactics. Please join us. Several members of Occupy Tulsa will be there and we can all compare notes.

Date: Thursday February 16

Time: 6PM (Movie at 8PM)

Place: UU Church of the Restoration…


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14 Activists Arrested at US UnSupreme Court to Commemorate 35th Anniversary of First Execution: Jan 17, 2012

http://youtu.be/inGmr3hjv_o   - video of Action

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Thirty-five years after the first execution under contemporary laws of Gary Gilmore, fourteen members of the Abolitionist Action Committee were arrested at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday. Just after 10:00 am, at the exact time that Gilmore was…


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11 Arrested at Pentagon : Dec 2011 Holy Innocents Faith & Resistance Retreat

Report on the Holy Innocents Faith and Resistance Retreat in Washington, D.C. 

Focusing on the…


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MLK parade in Tulsa on Monday Jan 16th | Can you march with TPF in the parade?

Dear grassroots,

The Tulsa Peace Fellowship will be marching again this year in the Martin Luther King Parade, on Jan 16th 2012. We paid our entry fee for one vehicle and a group of up to 20 people. We have our official entry number.

Last year, T. Nuspl and J.MacMahon were at the head carrying/holding the TPF white/green banner, and B. Cheek drove the…


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press release from TPF re: Occupy Tulsa


from THE TULSA PEACE FELLOWSHIP, a registered non-profit organization

Anti-war movement in Eastern Oklahoma encourages Occupy Tulsa's Nonviolent Protest…


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2 events for TPFers in Tulsa tomorrow, Saturday morning | OCCUPY TULSA followed by PEACE VIGIL

Dear grassroots,

First of all, you are all invited to attend the "Peace Vigil" tomorrow, starting at 12 noon, corner of 41st & Yale, southwest corner.  The 10th year of Afghanistan occupation starts next week, on Oct 7th.  Will you raise your voice in protest, or allow this to go on indefinitely, with no end in sight?

If you won't join us this time, then when…


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Three Pentagon Resisters Sentenced to Fines for August 9, 2011 Arrests

Hiroshima Nagasaki Faith & Resistance Retreat- Washington DC

Bill, Rosemary, Sr. Margaret, Kevin, and Amber are ready for their witness.  Kathy keeps them company


Three Pentagon Resisters Sentenced to Fines for August 9,…


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TPF anti-war rally, this Saturday, 12 noon, 41st & Yale | the left-right antiwar movement


Tulsa Peace Fellowship

monthly "first…

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Press Release - Tulsa Peace Fellowship

Anti-war movement in Eastern Oklahoma not satisfied with Obama's timeline for Afghanistan

CONTACT: Tulsa Peace Fellowship's Steering Cttee tel. 918 398-6506 email: armywrong@cox.net…


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A documentary film by John Pilger

New Rulers of the World


A documentary film by John Pilger


'Global economy' is a modern Orwellian term. On the surface, it is instant financial trading, mobile phones, McDonald's, Starbucks, holidays booked on the net. Beneath this…

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Do you have photos of MLK parade in Tulsa to share?

TPF participated in the MLK parade through OSU-Tulsa campus and Black Wall Street and the Brady District, this year.  Special thank you to Jean for wearing the polar bear costume, for making placards, for holding the banner, and for doing up her car with peace signs.

If you have photos or video of the TPF entry, or other peace-related entries, in the 2011 MLK parade in Tulsa, please upload them, or send them to us via email:  armywrong@cox.net

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