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There never was a good war or a bad peace. ~Ben Franklin

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Protest Drone Warfare | Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are a War Crime

Young people are operating the drones from Creech AFB, killing by remote-control in far off Afghanistan and Pakistan. The poor kids think it's a video game, and don't know they're killing civilians. They wake up with suffering from post traumatic stress disorder at rates that even exceed that of their comrades in combat on the ground. View Discussions

Department of Peace & Non-Violence | de-escalate through dialogue, mediation, diplomacy

The Peace Alliance has enervated this campaign for a cabinet-level Secretary for Peace, to provide balance against the Secretary of Defense (War secretary), in the U.S. President's immediate advisory board. The campaign includes a domestic component, to reduce violence in America itself, e.g. domestic violence, street gangs, etc. View Discussions

Pace et bene 2 Replies

Started by Jean Mcmahon. Last reply by Jean Mcmahon Mar 8, 2011.

Close the School of the Americas (SOA)

Annual protest at Ft Benning against U.S. torture and atrocity school View Discussions

School of America's watch

Started by Jean Mcmahon Mar 11, 2011.

SOA WATCH 4 Replies

Started by Jean Mcmahon. Last reply by Tony Nuspl Jan 19, 2011.

School of the Americas Watch 1 Reply

Started by Jean Mcmahon. Last reply by Tony Nuspl Oct 23, 2010.


Started by joni Dec 12, 2008.

Indictments for War Crimes -- Prosecute Bush, Cheney et al

The Obama administration and/or Congress should appoint a Special Prosecutor to initiate the indictment, prosecution, conviction and imprisonment of former members of the executive branch, known to have committed various war crimes. View Discussions




Who We Are - The TPF Steering Committee

TPF is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Oklahoma, a non-partisan and non-sectarian civic sector organization, devoted to peace, social uplift, and nonviolence.

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Book Reviews, Film Reviews, Review Articles

TPF members post reviews, as part of a previously organized monthly book/dvd exchange or other occasional reading circles

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Peace Building, Mutual Aid, and Local Grassroots Community Efforts

People to come together to solve shared challenges at the grassroots level. This discussion forum is for events, plans, strategies and tactics to support sustainability and justice, including mutual aid and self-bootstrapping. Put your reviews of peace-promoting games and nonviolent disobedience training here as well.

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