Tulsa Peace Fellowship

There never was a good war or a bad peace. ~Ben Franklin

How is TPF structured?
We are a grassroots, bottom-up, civic-sector organization, organized as a collective. We are governed by an entirely volunteer Steering Committee, equivalent to a Board of Directors, including three volunteer officers (President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer). The Steering Committee consists of the ten or so most active and engaged members of the Fellowship, selected annually. We also have a non-voting Advisory Group, consisting of former board members, our financial supporters, and wisdom keepers. There are various sub-committees or task forces with specific peace-related missions, organized by issue, which you can join through our Ning pages. We are a registered non-profit.

Who are the members of the TPF Steering Committee?
For 2011, the present members of the volunteer Steering Committee are:

Executive Officers:
T. Nuspl, President (serves on all committees, ex officio)
B. Cheek, Vice-President
A. Tiger, Secretary/Treasurer (Amnesty International, Tulsa chapter)

Other Steering Committee members (subject to change), listed approximately by seniority:
L. Hochhaus, Secular Organizations for Sobriety
C. Reynolds, former TPF Vice-President  (2009-2011), Veterans for Peace

J. LeViness, Peace House Tulsa Liaison
J. MacMahon, Green Country Greens (eastern Oklahoma)
D. Yount
(former TPF webmaster)
J. Hoskins
, “Netroots” Social Networking Administrator
C. Inkanish
, Native American Church

+ 1 one other, a member of Pax Christi (Catholic peace movement)

+ one alternate: B. Fletcher, Veterans for Peace

TPF Advisory Group (honorary positions, TPF emeritii and patrons):

N. Moran, Tulsa, OK
T. Luce, Tulsa, OK

C. Beckwith, Tulsa OK
V. Mapstone-Ackerman (out of state)
L. Hicks, Tulsa, OK
B. Griffin (former TPF webmaster)

S. Singh, Tulsa, OK

D. Satterthwaite, Green Country Quakers, Tulsa, OK

M. Clarke, Humanist Association, Tulsa, OK

A. Saeger, Green Country Quakers, Tulsa OK
N. Batchelder, Peace House
in Oklahoma City
R. Friend, in Oklahoma City
A. Spotts, Stillwater Democrats (OK congressional district 3), Stillwater, OK
G. Holmes, T-Town DFA & Oklahoma Democratic Party Veterans Cttee, Tulsa, OK

J. Ramsey, Veterans for Peace (former TPF Sec'y), Tulsa OK

R. Guay, Oklahoma Center for Conscience (OCC), in Oklahoma City

B. Bryant, Oklahoma chapter of Global Solutions (ok-global), in Oklahoma City

A. Mason, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Washington D.C.

K. Mason, Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Washington D.C.

Umbrella Groups for TPF Activism & Fellowship:

Veterans for Peace (National)

Tulsa Interfaith Alliance (TIA)

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC – Oklahoma City)
Unitarian Universalist Churches of Tulsa

Oklahoma Center for Conscience (OCC formerly Oklahoma Committee for Conscientious Objection, or OCCO)

Center for Racial Justice, Tulsa

Green Country Friends (Quakers – Tulsa chapter)

The Peace Alliance (National campaign for a U.S. Department of Peace)

If I want to volunteer, who do I call?

Volunteers with the the Tulsa Peace Fellowship come together regularly at rallies and demonstrations – just come and join us!

You can also attend our monthly organizational meeting, held five days after our monthly peace vigil (see first Saturday of the month, for regularly scheduled anti-war demonstration, 41st & Yale).



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The Steering Committee has approved Bryan Cheek as the new Vice-President for TPF, replacing Carl Reynolds.  TPF gives its hearty thanks to Reynolds, a member of Veterans for Peace (VFP) and is grateful for his service as TPF V-P, 2009-2011.  We're also extremely glad to have him remain a member of the TPF Steering Committee (the 'board').

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