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There never was a good war or a bad peace. ~Ben Franklin

Penny Peace Push


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Published monthly by the Tulsa Peace Fellowship (TPF), Tulsa, OK.


Co-editors:  Larry Hochhaus and Bryan Cheek


  1. To promote peace and justice at all levels from local to city-wide to state, national, and the world. 
  2. To inform readers of significant events pertinent to waging peace in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Midwest, the Nation, and the World. 
  3. To inspire our readers to take action toward advancement of peace on many levels.

Contact information

            Larry Hochhaus:  addictionhelp@cox.net     or     Bryan Cheek:  bcheek225@netzero.com


Announcements and Events:


Saturday, September 3

 Regular Peace Demonstration at 41st & Yale, Noon – 2 PM

Theme:  “War is not the answer.”

To prepare for the Peace Demonstration, keep in mind the C.A.R.A principles:    

     Namely,      1. Center yourself                   2. Articulate your truth

3. Receive the truth of the other person / Respect their opinion

4. Agree, don't assume

    from Engage: Exploring Non-Violent Living, pp. 90-93 chapter section entitled:    


            Thursday, Sept 8

                        6:30-8:30 Monthly Tulsa Peace Fellowship (TPF) meeting

(all TPF members and visitors welcome)

Church of the Restoration, Unitarian Universalist, 1314 N. Greenwood

Ongoing Event:

            TPF is encouraging members and PPP readers to write post cards in support of Bradley

Manning.  Send cards to Bradley Manning 89289, 830 Sabalu Road, Fort Leavenworth KS  66027


Looking ahead:

  1.  TPF is planning to bring David Rovics, protest singer, Tulsa for a concert sometime in Oct 2011.  (I have heard this is Oct. 19, but I have few details at the time of this printing.)


  1. A trip to D.C. for October Occupation of Liberty Square, Washington D.C. is being planned.  The lead organizer for this trip is TPF seasoned activist Mark Manley. The start of the rally/occupation is planned for Oct 6 th , 2011 . See the flyer from Manley, on page 3 of the present Penny Peace Push.  To express your interest in joining the bus/van headed to D.C. from Tulsa contact Mark directly (email: oneactivist@impeachok1.org)  (or see other info at http://october2011.org/welcome).


Featured Article: 

Another lame editorial by Larry Hochhaus.


            I want peace, yet I wonder if we are any closer.  The liberation of the prison in Tripoli and other documents via Wikileaks suggests we sent prisoners to that prison undoubtedly knowing they would be tortured there.  In Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance and the Talliban seem no closer than they were 10 years ago when we invaded there.  The income disparity in the US continues to worsen, hence corporate interests, particularly big oil control more and more of our foreign policy positions.  Will the Arab spring come to Saudi Arabia?  Not likely with our huge military to prevent it. 


            I don’t know what to say.  I’d like to believe Obama will start a draw-down in Afghanistan, yet I suspect poor motives.  I don’t know who would bring this country closer to peace, but I would vote for them if I thought it would.  Ron Paul is against military spending and always catches my attention when he says so, yet he’s a right-wing, wing-nut.  I just want these wars to stop. 



I urge anyone reading this to email us anything they consider helpful in working for peace.  Email me (Larry Hochhaus) at addictionhelp@cox.net or send your thoughts to Bryan Cheek at bcheek225@netzero.com.  We want to hear from you.

Notes:   * other donations cheerfully accepted


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