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Posting on behalf of a TPF Steering Committee member:

I just wrote to Tulsa Channel 6 (CBS) TV to question their lack of judgment in running (multiple) ads on Friday, Jan 4, for the Metcalf Gun Show in Tulsa this weekend.  Channel 6 News was still covering the Sandy Hook massacre story...

If you saw the article about the Stamford Connecticut newspaper, the Stamford Advocate, recently running a gun show ad RIGHT NEXT TO A STORY ABOUT SANDY HOOK you may understand that I think Channel 6 is just about guilty of the same insensitivity.

Anyone else want to contact Channel 6 about this?  Personally, I think they are participating in promoting gun shows and should be called to account.  Our gun culture doesn't exist in a vacuum.  It is reinforced in many ways, including by the gun show ads on TV.

Tulsa has the biggest gun shows in the country.  Gun shows are the easiest place to buy multiple guns with no background checks.

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Yet another "First Person Shooter" (FPS) game: However, of note, is the possibility that players experience what it's like to try to survive a nuclear bomb attack.

"Fallout 76 isn't a proper Fallout game, but it’s fun anyway"
game review posted by Christopher Livingston 2 days ago


There's a 2-min videocapture of game play here:

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Taxpayers can take stock of how the federal government spent their 2007 income tax dollars: over 42 percent went towards military spending, while education received just over 4 percent. The National Priorities Project shows how the average Tulsan family is diverting $360 of their 2007 income tax dollars to buy military hardware, military services, military advertising, military recruiters, and to pay down war debt accumulated by the military during past wars. The campaign for a Peace Tax in lieu of War Taxes is a nationwide campaign.

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