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This is a good film. Kind of like the real-life version of The Lorax.

Well-attended screening, at the Circle Cinema, 24th June 2014. With excellent discussion afterwards, led by Earl L. Hatley
  who is riverkeeper for both the Grand River and Neosho River in northeast Oklahoma. The screening was sponsored by Clean Energy Future OK and the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club. Also see "No KXL Tulsa" group: https://www.facebook.com/TulsaSlaysKXL

plot summary: "One man risks family and future to stop the tar sands of the Keystone XL pipeline from crossing his land. Shot in the forests, pastures, and living rooms of rural East Texas, Above All Else follows David Daniel, a retired high-wire artist, as he rallies neighbors and environmental activists to join him in a final act of brinkmanship: a tree-top blockade of the controversial pipeline. What begins as a stand against corporate bullying becomes a rallying cry for climate protesters nationwide. ... capturing the South in its beauty and contradiction and revealing the intimate, often unfathomable, experience of creating social change at the grassroots."


film preview available on vimeo: http://vimeo.com/85399171

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David Daniel, the subject of the film, was also featured in this segment of "All Things Considered", on NPR (National Public Radio):

"Texas Man Takes Last Stand Against Keystone XL Pipeline"

by Elizabeth Shogren
December 25, 2012

summary: The protest saved the patch of forest closest to Daniel's house, but it didn't stop the pipeline.


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